Terms starting with T

tabang help, assistance

tabangan to help, to assist

tab-ang bland

talawan fearful, coward

tambag advice

tambal medicine

tambok fat

tam-is sweet

tanan all

tan-aw see, watch

tanod thread

tanom plant, to plant

taud-taud in a short while

tawo person

tibuok whole

tigulang old person

tiil foot

tikas cheat (act)

tikasan cheat (person)

tindog stand

tinuod true, truth

tomboy lesbian

tubag answer, reply

tudlo finger

tudlo point (a finger)

tudlo teach

tuklod push

tulo three

tulobagon responsibility

tunga middle

tunga share or cut in half

tungod because

tuo right

tuo believe

tuon study

tuslo dip

tuwang stumble

tupok prick (with a needle)

tingog voice

taligsik drizzle, shower

tulo drip

tuig year

tuyhakaw erect, crane, stretch, extend

tamastamas despise, blaspheme

tubod ooze, spring