Terms starting with P

padayon go on

pagsuway trial

pahulay rest

pait bitter

palit buy

palong off

palungon turn off (lights, for example)

panagsa sometimes, seldom

pangandoy dream, aspiration

pangit ugly, not pleasant

pangutana question

pan-os spoilt (food)

panuway devil

parat salty

paspas quick, fast

pilok eyelash

piniriso prisoner

pirmanente always

pirmi always

piso chick

pisot uncircumcised

pobre poor

prisohan prison, jail

pulos use, significance

puy-anan residence

puyo live, stay

pagsulay trial

pundok pile or group

pamahaw breakfast

plete fare

palihug please

pito seven

paningkamot work on, make an effort

puhon hopefully, God willing

pakighinabi to meet

puangod compassion, care

panit skin

pasaylo forgiveness

pisot uncircumcised

putot short

pangag toothless, has missing tooth