Terms starting with A

abri open

adlaw sun

adlaw day

adto go

adunahan well off, rich

agtang forehead

alaot aggrieved

amahan father

ambak jump

ambot i don't know

amiga female friend

amigo male friend

ampo pray

amping care, safeguard

ampingan take care of

andam ready

angay meant

angol wounded

antos suffer

apil join

aping cheek

asa where

atbang in front

atik baloney

atop roof

anhi come

ako I, me

abrihi open

asawa wife

awhag encourage

aslom sour, tangy

alindahaw drizzle, shower, mist

ariyos earring

atang wait for

ab-ab chew to pieces

abag give money, provide material help

abaga shoulder